Frappachinos are making you fat

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Did you try out their less fattening version and almost puke? Have you noticed that your stomach has gained a few extra inches since you began to drink them? Well, you aren’t alone. Starbucks Frappachinos are making you fat, some believe so.

I have been traveling the country and have been to every city in our nation over 10,000 individuals and have been around 2000 plus Starbucks. Generally the comments start out like this. “Well I know, I shouldn’t be drinking these, they’re fattening as hell!” This is accompanied by a few pats on the gut. They all know that it is the frappachinos which are doing it. Yet day after day they come to Starbucks and get their frappachino fix.

Having traveled to a lot of stores and many on the main routes in bigger cities you find the same employees during each visit. On one visit they’re new and skinny, higher energy and looking quite fit, then after a few months when you return to that place you see they are getting chunky and after a while they’re down right fat, lost their perky attitude and somewhat negative. It’s a shame to see this, at first I thought the new less fattening frappachinos might be good, but when I tasted one, yuk, I almost got sick to my stomach.

When patrons are requested at the counter if they would like to test the less fattening version, they often say as I’ve overheard from the long lines;”You know, I tried that, but I actually didn’t like it, thanks anyway.”

If you feel that your frappachino tastes are making you fat, then you are most likely correct.


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If you want a quick energy booster, there’s no better snack than a banana. Bananas have three natural sugars; sucrose, fructose and glucose-combined using a fiber, a banana gives an instant and sustained boost of energy. Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90 minute work out.

Unripe bananas contain resistant starch, so called because it cannot be digested by the small intestine-which then ferments in the large intestine, often causing wing. Because ripe bananas are extremely easily digestible and seldom cause any allergic reactions, they are a popular solid food for babies.

Bananas are also found to beneficial to preventing or treating these ailments:

Heart Burn: Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body so if you suffer from a Heart burn, try eating a banana for soothing relief.

Morning Sickness: Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep the blood sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness.

Mosquito Bites: Before reaching for the insect bite cream, try rubbing the affected area with the inside of a banana skin. A lot of people find it amazingly successful in reducing the sweeling and irritation caused due to insect bites.

Hangovers: One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a banana milk shake, sweetened with honey. The banana calms the stomach and with the help of honey, builds the depleted sugar levels, while the milk soothes and rehydrates your system.

Smoking: Bananas can also help people trying to give up smoking. The nutrients in Bananas help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Ulcers: Banana is used as a dietary food against intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in chronic cases. It also neutralizes acidity and reduces the irritation coating the line of the gut.

Stress: Potassium is a vital mineral, which helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates your body’s water balance. When we are stressed, our metabolic rate increases, thereby reducing our potassium levels. These may be re-balance with the help of a banana snack.

Anemia: High in iron, Bananas can stimulate the production of hemoglobin and help in the cases of Anemia.

Green Bananas or Plantains are indigestible and unpalatable when eaten raw. Because they are full of tannin, they can taste bitter, though some of the flavors disappears when cooked. Plantains contain more starch than Bananas since they’re consumed before they are fully ripe. Some research has linked low incidence of stomach and bowel cancer with a diet high in indigestible starch.

So a banana is a natural remedy for many ills. In comparison to an apple it has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrate, three times the phosphorous, five occasions vitamin A and iron and two other minerals and vitamins. So next time you see a banana don’t hesitate to grab a bite!

Learn From Friends

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As children we develop friendships that we pledged no matter what, we will be friends to the end. We had been sincere in the first idea and thought of Indialantic Bat Removal that bunch.

However, life begins to happen, and other things begin to happen at the exact same time. When you are kids all is wonderful, vibrant, and free. We see the bluest skies and the greenest trees. Our friend is right no matter what they do or say, and we just admire how they could tell a lie and make it sound so true. Innocence has long been lost and almost forgotten. Though we attempt to keep things as light-hearted as possible; life is uncomfortably white and black most of the time. The colors are meshed into an unrecognizable color that we can not readily name; so we find ourselves spontaneously creating a name that appears to fit.

Nobody wants to state that this isn’t right, or this is wrong, or even question anymore”WHY”? Nooooooooo, we just mindlessly and”purposely” get-in-to-fit-in and in some arenas this apparently is the only way to get the desired end goal of all. However, this compromise puts us of risk of being just another face, another number, another… just the same old “here’s another one’.

Don’t get-in-to-fit-in, dare to be different, even if “distinct” to today’s standards is not popular. I could be me, you can be you, we could be us, and they, can be themand everybody is able to accept”who every one is”, but not necessarily “what” we all may do. If you don’t like”what I do”, just’do not participate’, if I don’t like what you do… I simply’do not participate’.

My conclusion is mine alone, and I am quite confident about my conclusion. Your end is your end, and I hope you’re as certain of your own end.

Some of my childhood friends are no longer hear on this ground, some of them have gone beyond this world. None of them have come back to tell me where they are, but, for a few I already know, because they made it very clear while they were still living; in which their eternity would be. This I am confident of and this it is possible to ponder… #if you my friends went to paradise, they don’t need to leave; and when their eternity is in hell… #they can not leave.

Request them… how is it you can be broke, alone, and at peace… they might just tell you…”I have unspeakable joy”; that I can not describe but it’s something that has helped me, and me it has surely sustained.

How to Save Money During Building Construction

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Building construction can be a tedious process which could go on for months or years depending on one’s budget. Construction of a building typically starts with Squirrel Poop planning and designs by the architect through the customer’s requirements then it continues to finance the project until its assembled and ready for use. Most clients want to create a home that would reflect their character but in an affordable budget and yet fit their personal aesthetic requirement, this could be a difficult task to achieve without taking steps to reduce costs where necessary, that is why we’ve assembled a few suggestions to get you started.

Compare Proposals and Choose Wisely

Knowledge they say is electricity so therefore being informed before making any decision be it materials, styles and most especially the implementation is very important to choose wisely. To properly do this you should receive several proposals and quotas from various contractors and subcontractors which states their requirements for labour, supervision and materials together with the cost attached, this will allow you compare and contrast between them and choose wisely the one which fits into your budget and get references to make sure whomever you choose can deliver to the standard you need and to get a well-rounded picture of the individual you are working with, this can help you avoid extra expenses to correct mistakes which could be incurred as a result of poor management by the contractor.

Improvise During Construction

There are several requirements and expectations which goes into a construction among which include kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, these can cost you a lot if you are building them off-site then before installing them. However you can save a lot of money by building them on website yourself, with only minimal masonry and labour you can build a more sustainable kitchen cabinets and wardrobe then finish it with marble tiles or stones which looks amazing and would last longer than the wooden one made off-site.

Adapt Sustainable Execution

Sustainability is a term that saves you money in the long run, this is to say that sometimes its better to go spend money on quality material than save money on low quality materials that will require you spending subsequently on maintenance. To consider one must avoid anything that would incur unnecessary problems in the future since it not only reduces the quality of the construction it also affects your investment.

The execution of stages like electrical and plumbing fittings could generate faults afterwards if not handled properly, for example we’ve noticed that conduit system of installation of plumbing fittings can be tough to maintain if need arises since breaking of the walls and patching it up destroys the aesthetic value of the building as well as the structural value. To avoid this however it’s best to accommodate the duct system during planning so that provision can be made for the pipes within the building where the pipes could pass through then later can be coated with aluminum louvers, that way it is neat and sustainable.

Seek Advice on Materials

Building materials now are of different kinds and from different companies, the industry is filled with substandard products because of the fact that lots of businesses replicate materials produced by other companies for a cheaper price but for lesser grade, so it would help you to make proper enquiries for professional advice on materials from contractors so they can recommend quality materials to get great rates. In some cases these contractors or subcontractors can get you a better deal on bulk items like lumber, paint and fittings since they might have a close relationship with the traders.

Reuse Materials

In building construction materials can be salvaged and reused however possible, often materials which can be reused are wasted during phases of construction. Materials like lumber which serve several function in structure like formwork, scaffoldings, bracing etc can still be reused, for example planks used as formwork for floor slab could also be refused for lintels and beams thereby saving you additional cost on purchasing extra wood. The important point to note is to be careful while removing the formwork so as to not damage them too badly.

A normal building construction site needs constant water for virtually every action so if you provide your own source of water without needing to buy you will save a whole lot, you can do this by digging a temporal well or digging a borehole. This source of water can also benefit you in the event that you opt to mould your own masonry blocks on site, eventually it could be retained for use after the project is completed.

Security for Materials

Theft and vandalism is a common thing in building industry so that it would be wise to seek to secure your materials ahead, most men and women build a temporal storage space with either a container or constructed with roofing material. This is used to store your materials till you finish the job, if however the storage isn’t serving its purpose perhaps you could hire a security personnel to guard the place.

How Does Music Affect Your Body?

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Music is not just a set of sounds and rhythms. Its influence on the mind is much deeper than any other Malabar Rat Removal human experience. Keep on reading to learn all truly enigmatic powers of music.

Music helps preterm babies

Preterm babies appear to experience less pain and feed more when listening to music, a recent study indicates. Experts led by Dr. Manoj Kumar of the University of Alberta, Canada, analyzed nine clinical trials and discovered that music had a beneficial effect on reducing pain for preterm babies undergoing painful procedures like heel prick blood tests. Additionally, it seemed to benefit full-term babies during operations.

Premature infants have to stay longer under medical supervision to gain weight and get stronger. To accelerate this process, many hospitals fall back on serene, pleasant music. Canadian scientists discovered that music reduces pain sensitivity and improves the sucking reflex in such infants, contributing to the weight gain. Music is also a good way to get newborns off to sleep.

Music helps to recover from brain injuries

Lots of people experienced cerebral damage have speech and movement-related problems. As an alternative and effective treatment, doctors often recommend such patients to listen to good music to stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for these two functions. When individuals with neurological disorders brought on by a stroke or Parkinson’s disease hear a musical beat, it helps them to recover a symmetrical walk and sense of equilibrium.

Music staves off the loss of hearing

Surely, music won’t cure deafness but it can stop the loss of hearing. There was an experiment between 163 individuals where 74 were musicians.

Participants were asked to pass some listening tests. Musicians heard the sounds better than non-musicians, and this gap gets more evident with aging. This means that a 70-year-old musician hears better than a 50-year-old non-musician, even in a noisy environment.

Music heals a broken heart

No, it is not about a cast-off love, but about a heart attack. The matter is music can help people recovering from a heart disease or cardiac surgery by reducing blood pressure, slowing down the heartbeat rate, and relieving anxiety. Listening to the superior music evokes positive emotions, improves circulation, and expands blood vessels, thus, promoting rapid rehabilitation of the whole cardiovascular system.

Use the power of upbeat songs you associate with positive memories, preferably from the more distant past when you felt safe, in addition to your game, and joyful. Prevent songs that even remotely pull you into the feelings of your separation. Train your brain out of its funk by listening often and with intent.

Ocean Pollution Is Bad For Your Health

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The rapid pollution of the oceans is unprecedented in the recent history of the earth. The ocean chemistry is changing 100 times more rapidly than it did any time in the past 650,000 years. Algae and jelly fish are spreading. Coral reefs and fish are dying. Go to the beach and you’re apt to find it smelling from rotten fish and told it is not fit for swimming. Ocean pollution is rivaling global warming in its potential effect on the survival of the planet as we currently know it.

Can the sea be cleansed of its massive pollution? Pollution that includes sewage, house cleaning agents, agricultural products as fertilizer, Centurian Wildlife, pesticides, carbon dioxide and animal waste are poisoning us. Oil spills and heavy metals, such as mercury, cadmium and lead that come from fossil fuel burning are endangering the health of fish and humans. Compounds as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxin are major pollutants. The way to cleanse the oceans is now a major question in the minds of scientists.

Acidification, another significant change in the oceans and seas is accelerating so fast that it threatens the survival of all coral reefs and reefs. In a recent report from a panel of marine scientists at a symposium in Monaco that happened in October, 2008 a dire prediction indicated that the increasing acidity will aggressively impact marine ecosystems and directly influence the food supply of over half the world’s inhabitants.

This important symposium “The Ocean in a High CO2 World” issued a statement based on unassailable scientific findings and signed by 155 scientists in 26 nations.

H.S.H. Prince Albert II, an extremely concerned citizen of the world and renowned environmentalist, attended the symposium and strongly supported the declaration that calls for world leaders to immediately focus on the potentially devastating problems of ocean pollution.

The dangers to our general health, immune systems, brain functioning with deterioration of mental ability and one’s IQ, and the increasing likelihood of having certain types of cancer are becoming better understood and known.

The job is obvious. There has to be an increase in developing methods to combat all forms of pollution, of which ocean pollution is one of the most important. Reduction of fossil fuel burning is essential to reduce global warming and ocean pollution that threaten our lives and future. Urgency to tackle these immense problems is readily apparent.

If you’re deeply concerned for the future of our planet, read “Rescue,” a book, that focuses on the increasing dangers to earth as global warming and worldwide pollution sweep the world. It provides solutions to the immense crisis that confronts us.

Mother Earth And Plastic

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From mobile phones and PCs to bike head protectors and hospital IV sacks, plastic has formed society from multiple points of view which make life both less demanding and more secure. Be that as it may, the engineered material likewise has left dangerous engravings on the earth and maybe human wellbeing, according to new compilation of articles composed of researchers from around the globe.

You should have witnessed that grocery stores nowadays do not utilize plastic bags. They distribute every one of your things in either paper packs or cloth bags. So what happened to the plastic bags we utilized? There is a reason plastic is slowly vanishing. Indeed, it’s a conscious exertion by everybody as plastic is very destructive to our environment and livelihood. Obviously, you would need to know why.

It was the 1950s, when people were searching for something new, cheap and powerful that can alter the idea of building technology. Industrial progress of non-renewable energy sources into a wide exhibit of plastics altered definitions in everything from insulation to mechanics to paint, and vinyl is as yet a pervasive part of every building assembly. The effects of plastic creation in its many structures are overwhelming in each and every period of its life cycle. While there is a typical general understanding that plastics have adverse ecological affiliations, a closer comprehension of what sorts of plastics create what sorts of effects will participate us to enhance the poisonous footprint of our buildings.

Plastics are not innately terrible, and they have many redeeming environmental features; actually, a considerable number of the procedures we utilize in our everyday use include focusing on usage of plastic products. Their formula into adhesive commodities passes for the creation of engineered hardwood and sheet commodities from recycled wood, and their formulation into the outstanding padding and sealant goods increases the possible performance of our buildings.

The feedstock of plastic is fundamentally oil or natural-gas, despite the fact that bio-plastics are influencing advances from the overall market to share of plastic items. Apparently issues develop in regards to the limited measure of accessible oil assets, and the contamination related to oil extraction and refinement; the monstrous Gulf Coast oil spill of 2010 is just one of the more infamous of the many environmentally devastating mischances that aren’t every now and again considered notwithstanding the standard contamination effects of extraction and refinement, which can be broad.

Poisonous chemical release amid manufacture is another noteworthy source of the negative ecological effect of plastics. An entire range of cancer-causing, neurotoxic, and hormone-problematic substances are standard components and waste effects of plastic manufacturing, and they certainly discover their way into our environment through water, land, and air pollution. A considerable lot of these are steady organic poisons (POPs)- possibly the most harming poisons on Earth, inferable from a blend of their determination from the ground and their large amounts of poisonous quality. These are examined in more noteworthy detail later in this part as a consideration of individual well-being; be that as it may, their unmitigated discharge into the ground influences all terrestrial and aquatic existence with which they come into contact.

It is in the utilization stage that the benefits of plastics in viability and strength are usually obvious. Regardless of the fact that most plastics are benevolent in their proposed utilize shape, many discharge harmful gasses in their set up curing, (by way of example, splash froth) or by the prudence of the strategy (like PVC added substances off-gassing amid their utilization stage). Occupational exposure amid establishment, by way of example, inhalation of dust when cutting plastic pipe or off-gassing vapors of curing items, is likewise an outstanding worry for human well-being and the environment.

The use of plastics-the “tomb” stage, perhaps it is one of the minimal perceived and many problematic zones of plastic’s effect on the environment. Unexpectedly, one of the plastic’s most attractive characteristics-its sturdiness and protection against disintegration-is likewise the wellspring of one of its most prominent liabilities with regards to the disposal of plastics. Natural life forms have a very troublesome time separating the manufactured compound bonds in plastic, making the enormous issue of the material’s ingenuity. Just a little measure of aggregate, plastic creation (under 10%) is viably reused; the remaining plastic is sent to landfills, where it is bound to stay buried in limbo for a huge number of years, or to incinerators, where its dangerous mixes are regurgitated throughout the climate to be gathered in biotic structures all through the encompassing ecosystems.

Intensifying these issues of steadiness and bioaccumulation is plastic’s affinity to go about as a magnet and a sponge for persistent organic toxins, by way of example, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and the pesticide DDT. This way, in addition ingesting the synthetically harming plastic mixers, oceanic life is also ingesting concentrated quantities of very bioaccumulative intensifies which are the absolute strongest poisons found on Earth. Once more, this bioaccumulation increment in focus as it works up the natural food chain sequence and into our eating diets.

The last thought of plastic disposal originates from the arrival of POPs and other dangerous chemicals into the earth from the plastics themselves. These mixes show a large group of biological and human medical problems and, much like plastic, are additionally bioaccumulative. Consider, at the point, the fantastic wellbeing risk of introduction through unintentional or unwitting burning or house fire.

The incandescent lamp is likewise sourced from a category of fire retardants that are typically planned into an assortment of plastic items utilized in the construction business, particularly polystyrene protection (XPS, EPS); the impacts of fire retardants are analyzed in the following segment. All in all, these dangerous compounds are known to cause the corresponding serious medical issues: malignancy, endometriosis, Port St Lucie Raccoon Removal, neurological injury, endocrine disturbance, birth deformities and child formative issue, regenerative harm, insusceptible harm, asthma, and different organ harm.

Skunks in the garden

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You can smell them, you can see the damages they cause, but you can never find out why they’re coming around your house to start with. Skunks are attracted to gardens, so if you’ve got one on or around your premises, you’ve found your answer. Not only do your gardens offer a tasty meal for skunks, it offers shelter, and that’s why they tend to stick around rather than eat and run.

Skunks are omnivores like us, so that they consume all types of vegetables. But they’ll also dig up lawns and gardens for insects and grubs. Fortunately, there are a number of simple and effective procedures to get rid of skunks in your garden. Keep on reading to learn them, and what to do if your skunk issue is bigger than you can handle.

The first method you should try is installing bright, outdoor lights that shine directly on the garden. Skunks will not feel secure in a brightly-lit place, and prevent lights at all costs to protect themselves from danger. Also, as nocturnal mammals, they have sensitive eyes, so bright lights hinder their ability to navigate well in the dark, and even disturbs their eyes. If you don’t want to leave lights on all hours of the night, simply opt for motion-activated lighting that will only turn on if they discover activity.

Believe it or not, there are a few smells that can deter skunks from entering your property. Just like humans, some scents are bothersome and unpleasable into skunks, so they avoid them whenever they can. Try citrus smells. Skunks do not like citrus fruits like limes or lemons, so scattering peels and rinds around your backyard will thwart skunk presence. Also, skunks will not come near ammonia. Consider soaking cotton balls in ammonia and scattering them about. Just make certain to repeat this every couple weeks since the ammonia will eventually evaporate.


No, you do not need to hunt down or attract other creatures that prey on skunks! We don’t wish to cause any harm to them at all, we just want them to ignore our gardens. Instead, you must make a skunk believe there are predators nearby. You can purchase coyote urine and spray it around the perimeter of your lawn, or perhaps use common canine urine.

Clean Up

Animals are attracted to food and shelter, it is as simple as that. Simple protecting your garden is not sufficient to keep skunks away. You must also eliminate all other attractions on your premises, such as pet food, pet bowls, bird baths, squirrel feeders, bird seed, compost piles, garbage cans, and much more. Skunks aren’t good climbers, so a low fence may be quite effective too.

It’s very important to hire Centurian Services for safe and humane skunk control service if your skunk problem is too big to manage on your own. This is particularly true if you’ve skunks nesting in indoor areas of your home, like a crawl space or under a porch. They retain the professional training and resources to eliminate skunks safely, and move them to a safer and faraway habitat.

Tree trimming and pests

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It always comes late at night: a soft scratching or the pitter-pat of small feet over your head. Pests. It appears so impossible that they would be able to make their way from the ground into your attic, particularly without detection. You may be surprised to learn that your pest control issues aren’t coming from the floor, but from above your roof.
Pests like squirrels, rats, mice, and even raccoons are very three dimensional in the way that they see the world. For them, trees are just highways that are above ground. They travel these tall trails as often as they do some other pathway, and when their tree route permits them to take a shortcut across your roof, they are always happy to take it. The problem is that once they’re in your roof, pests usually won’t only continue on their way. They will explore, and if they like what they see, they figure out a way to stay.
Road Closed Ahead
By trimming the trees near your home in order to eliminate overhanging branches, you effectively close the wildlife highway that once ran straight across your roof. This may discourage wild animals from jumping onto your roof, which will reduce or completely eliminate the amount of creatures that find their way to your attic.
More Benefits
Unfortunately, the trees-as-highways aspect is just one thing that brings pests to your roof and the attic space outside it. The debris that falls from trees brings pests to your roof. Leaves, sticks, branches, and other substances act as shelters and nesting material for pests, especially if you let these items accumulate in an old-fashioned gutter system. Once they begin nesting on your gutters or the eaves of your roof, they will inevitably find their way in your home. By trimming your trees, you can greatly reduce the amount of tree debris that falls on your house and remove that source of shelter for pests.
Bugs Love Trees Too
Furry, warm-blooded pests aren’t the only critters using trees to get into your dwelling. Bugs, like ants and cockroaches, are as comfortable high up on a branch as they are on the ground, and they will use overhanging trees and the leaves, branches and other debris to drop in the identical manner as their fuzzier counterparts would. Call Centurian Services and Trimming your trees allows you to decrease your home’s overall pest friendliness, which makes it simpler for you and your loved ones.

Wildlife and your roof

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If you have any holes in your roof, even if they are really small, your home is vulnerable to a pest infestation. Common attic pests like mice, rats and bats are bad enough, but when you get bigger ones in there, like squirrels or raccoons, they’re more like unwelcome guests than mere pests.
What to do? Let Centurian services LLC take a look at some common pests, the way to get rid of them, and more importantly, the way to prevent them from getting in in the first place.
Your first clue that rodents or animals have taken up residence in your attic is the sounds. Can you hear scurrying when you are trying to fall asleep at night? If so, you likely have mice in your attic. Set some traps baited with peanut butter – a mousy favorite! Set the traps near walls – mice prefer to scurry along walls, brushing their whiskers from the edges, as opposed to venturing out in the open. Do not forget to check the traps every couple of days – if you get one and don’t remove it quickly, an odor will begin to permeate your loft and then your living quarters.
Rats Why? They’re just like mice. But they are bigger, so they are scarier, and grosser. You’re not likely to need a rat making its way into your living quarters. The method for getting rid of rats is basically the same as mice, except you need bigger traps.
Some people today think squirrels are cute, but they’re not so cute to live with. A single squirrel can do hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage to a home. If you think squirrels might have gained access to your loft, you may need professional help. Squirrels are stubborn little buggers. If you block the hole they came through, they may make another person, so in case you begin spending every weekend fixing squirrel damage, it might be time to call in the experts.
Raccoons Unless you’re an experienced woodsman, you are going to need help trapping these squatters and eliminating them for good.
Obviously the best crime against critters in your loft is a good defense – ensuring they don’t have any ingress to begin with. Holes as small as a dime may allow access to rodents as large as squirrels.
Size Up Your Situation
Ahead of the real cold weather hits, go into your attic and check for any holes or cracks, which commonly are available in freezing, near gutters or in rotting roof planks or fascia. Rips or holes in vent screens are also a favorite entry method.
While homeowners may safely tackle many home improvement jobs themselves, repairing holes in a roof could be particularly dangerous, on account of the possible hazard of falling off. If you see any holes or damage to your roof, it’s best to call an experienced roofer to do the job. A roofing company can also inspect the remainder of your roof when they come out, assessing for areas which might be rotting or have suffered damage from water or falling tree branches.
Never ignore holes in your roof – always call a professional to make repairs before critters begin calling your loft home.