Tree trimming and pests

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It always comes late at night: a soft scratching or the pitter-pat of small feet over your head. Pests. It appears so impossible that they would be able to make their way from the ground into your attic, particularly without detection. You may be surprised to learn that your pest control issues aren’t coming from the floor, but from above your roof.
Pests like squirrels, rats, mice, and even raccoons are very three dimensional in the way that they see the world. For them, trees are just highways that are above ground. They travel these tall trails as often as they do some other pathway, and when their tree route permits them to take a shortcut across your roof, they are always happy to take it. The problem is that once they’re in your roof, pests usually won’t only continue on their way. They will explore, and if they like what they see, they figure out a way to stay.
Road Closed Ahead
By trimming the trees near your home in order to eliminate overhanging branches, you effectively close the wildlife highway that once ran straight across your roof. This may discourage wild animals from jumping onto your roof, which will reduce or completely eliminate the amount of creatures that find their way to your attic.
More Benefits
Unfortunately, the trees-as-highways aspect is just one thing that brings pests to your roof and the attic space outside it. The debris that falls from trees brings pests to your roof. Leaves, sticks, branches, and other substances act as shelters and nesting material for pests, especially if you let these items accumulate in an old-fashioned gutter system. Once they begin nesting on your gutters or the eaves of your roof, they will inevitably find their way in your home. By trimming your trees, you can greatly reduce the amount of tree debris that falls on your house and remove that source of shelter for pests.
Bugs Love Trees Too
Furry, warm-blooded pests aren’t the only critters using trees to get into your dwelling. Bugs, like ants and cockroaches, are as comfortable high up on a branch as they are on the ground, and they will use overhanging trees and the leaves, branches and other debris to drop in the identical manner as their fuzzier counterparts would. Call Centurian Services and Trimming your trees allows you to decrease your home’s overall pest friendliness, which makes it simpler for you and your loved ones.

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